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Kiotari is located on the south-eastern coast of Rhodes.

The coastal region of Kiotari, where the small village lies, was until 1979 a little fishing village with a few small fishermen’s wooden houses. From 1980 and after, it gradually began to develop as a tourist destination, attracting those seeking tranquility and to enjoy the sea in a natural environment.

Kiotari lies around 60 km from the centre of Rhodes town and 17 km from the village of Lindos and its famed Acropolis. Kiotari is a small, picturesque village and a vacation destination, next to the sea, with small traditional houses, apartments, studio apartments, rooms to rent, hotels, traditional tavernas, mini markets, etc.

Visitors can look forward to quiet, relaxing vacations thanks to the natural, pristine environment and the clean beaches. They can also use it as a base for many trips around the island.

 The ideal activities in Kiotari:
• Water sports information in Reception
• Rent a bike or go on an organized trip – contact telephone number, prices and information: 
• A trip to the forest and a picnic with donkeys, there is always a chaperone,
contact telephone number, prices and information:
• Horse riding: information in Reception 

Recommended places to visit

  • Four kilometers away is the traditional village of Asklipio. Visit the ancient church there as well as the folklore museum and the Venetian castle. 
  • OLD CITY of RHODES - In 1309 Rhodes was sold to the Knights of St. John. In 1522 it became a part of the Ottoman Empire and remained so until 1922 when it came under Italian rule. Finally, in 1947 it was integrated into the rest of Greece. 
  • HISTORICAL MONUMENTS IN RHODES - In the Rhodes town, you can visit its acropolis and see the ancient temple of Apollo as well as the ancient stadium and theatre. Also, take a stroll in the old town with its medieval fortifications, and visit the archaeological museum, the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes and the castle dedicated to Our Lady of the Castle there. 
  • It is also worth visiting Ancient Kameiros, which, together with Lindos and Ialysos were the three city-states which, according to Homer, were founded by the Dorians who established themselves in Rhodes.
  • Lindos is one of the most picturesque villages on Rhodes. At its summit is the imposing ancient acropolis with the temple of Athena Lindia (300 BC). Also the church in the centre of the village should not be missed.      
  • Throughout the island, fortresses and castles were raised in places considered to have been of strategic importance. Not to be missed among these are the castle of Faraclos at Charaki, the castle of Monolithos, the castle of Asklipio and the castle of Kritinia which was used by the Venetians as a naval base. 


  • The valley of the Butterflies  - The Pelekanos river crosses the valley, where you will be amazed at the nature and will see many examples of this rare butterfly species. 
  • The Seven Springs  - A magnificent location deep in the forest. There is a tunnel there which you can pass though if you dare. 
  • Profitis Ilias - This is a verdant hill, where you will see the hotel complex, ‘Elafos and Elafina’ (Buck and Doe Deer’), which was built by the Italians between 1929 and 1932.
  • The Kallithea springs - The Kallithea springs were built by the Italians (1929). Today, the complex has been refurbished and attracts many visitors. 
  • Filerimos monastery - This is located on the site of the acropolis of Ialysos. You will see there the monastery of the Panagia (Virgin Mary), which was built originally by a monk, destroyed during Ottoman rule and afterwards restored during the time of the Knights. Also, you can walk down the road of the martyr, where at the end you will see the 18-metre-high cross. 
  • BEACHES ON RHODES - The eastern side of the island boasts excellent beaches to satisfy all tastes. Including amongst these are: the pretty little coves of Kallithea, ‘Tsabikas’ beach, Kalathos beach and the vast beach of the Prefecture of Rhodes, which stretches to ‘Prasonisi (Green Island), a paradise for surfers. On the western side of the island, Monolithos is of particular interest.
  • CHURCHES-MONASTERIES - The monasteries of the Kimisis tis Theotokou [Dormition of the Mother of God] (Asklipio), of the Archangel Michael (Tharri), the Panagia of Ypseni (Lardos), the Panagia of Paramythia (Afandou), the Monastery of Panagia (Skiadi), the Panagia of Filerimos are of particular interest.  

Tips and info for a pleasant accomodation

  • Cars - We recommend that you rent a car during your stay, including for your journey from and to the airport.
  • Buses - It is not easy to reach here from the airport by public transport as there is no direct route. You would have to get the route from the airport to Rhodes town and from the New Market (South coast stop) in Rhodes town until the Kiotari Beach stops.
  • Taxi - Charge from the airport to Paraktio Beach Apartments: 90 euro. 
  • Transfer from the airport to us - Only upon request can we arrange your transfer. Price: 90 euro.
  • The easiest way to visit all these beautiful places on Rhodes is by car.
  • We work with many local car-hire companies which rent new cars that are safe and in good condition at very reasonable prices. This does not mean additional payment guarantees upon arrival. Collection and return of the car can be done at Rhodes airport or the city’s harbor.
  • If you are interested in renting a car, you can contact the car rental companies directly so that you can check out the price of the car you want in any specific period. 

Near the premices

  • At the area of Kiotari, is a pristine area with clean and unspoiled beach with sand and pebbles and few small nice taverns, restaurants and Supermarket.
  • The center (is 1,5 km or 18-minute walk) offers locals and visitors a variety of Tourist shops, cafe, bars, pharmacy and Health Center & dentistry. 
  • 17 km away you will find the village of Lindos, which is one of the most picturesque villages of the island. At the top of the ancient citadel dominates the temple of Athena Lindia (300 BC). Do not forget to visit the church in the village center. 
  • The area meets the specifications for a quiet and relaxing vacation. Ideal for relaxing and enjoying the peaceful surroundings, the quiet and typical Greek hospitality. 
  • Also is a highly suitable location in order to discover the rest of the beautiful island of Rhodes . Hiking nearby mountains or visiting the historical sites and monasteries are recommended. "Map routes and descriptions you will find in reception of our properties". 
  • At every corner of the island of Rhodes you can see and preceive the beauty of nature being able to enjoy the scent of wild flowers and herbs.  
  • Also for windsurfing background and watersports, 30 km from Petroto villas, 
  • The easiest way to visit all the beautiful places on Rhodes is by a rental car.
  • We work with many local car-hire companies which rent new cars that are safe and in good condition at very reasonable prices. This does not mean additional payment guarantees upon arrival. Collection and return of the car can be done at Rhodes airport or the city’s harbor.

Distances from the premices

  • Paraktio Beach Apartments and Alisahni Beach Front Villas are located right at the end of the beach. They lie around 6 km from the small wholly sandy GLISTRA Beach, which forms a small bay, 1 km from the popular beach with its various water sports, and 30 km from Prasonisi (Green Island), the surfers’ paradise. 
  • 650 meters – Bus stop. Frequent service to Rhodes town and Lindos. 4-5 minutes on foot.
  • 750 meters - supermarkets, butchers, florists, cafes, hairdressers, dentist  
  • 1.5 km from Kiotari Hotel Resort – ATM, pharmacy, water sports, cafes, bars, tourism shops
  • 3 km public medical centre (24 hours) (Tel. No. 22440 43233)  
  • 60 km Paraktio Beach Apartments - Rhodes town and the harbor
  • 65 km Paraktio Beach Apartments - Rhodes Airport (Diagoras) 65 km
  • 30 km from Prasonisi - surfing
  • 17 km Lindos
  • Nearest traditional village: 3.5 km Asklipio and Lachania (11 km) 

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